Interested in advertising at MXPTV, the Northeast's #1 source of the region's motocross videos and news?

What is MXPTV?

Moto Xposure TV (MXPTV) is the Northeast's #1 source for video and photo coverage of the region's top races, racers, and companies. MXPTV has quickly become the fastest growing motocross media website in the Northeast and one of the top in the nation. With new videos, photos, and other features posted about 2-4 times per week and our MXPTV Live Updates blog that is updated on a daily basis, any MXPTV advertiser would benefit greatly to the already large amount of traffic MXPTV generates. For a site that is already generating over 40,000+ user vists a month on average and 120,000 pageviews a month, MXPTV has grown significantly ever since it made its way on the scene in May 2008.

Who is MXPTV?

MXPTV's Matt Wozney
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MXPTV has been a growing fix for the motocross community since May 2008 but it's actually been around longer than that. MXPTV's Matt Wozney is the one person behind the entire website as he takes care of everything from web updates, promotions, and even all the content seen on! Matt has put in the miles and developed over 6 years of experience in the media side of motocross and even as a racer starting back in 1999. From photography to videos to web design to writing articles and to even announcing at races, there isn't a field that Matt has not touched yet. Matt's line of the Northeast's only DVD series called "Moto Xposure" catapaulted his video career and it even landed him an Xtremey Award for Moto Xposure 3 for "Best Amateur Race Video of the Year in April 2008. His work has been a big hit for some of the industry's top names like Racer X, Vital MX, Fox, Shift, Troy Lee Designs, MGX Unlimited, Motocross University, and many more! Matt is always searching for new ways to get his work out there and he also helps his advertisers receive that same attention for their company!

MXPTV isn't just at MXPTV has other accounts across the web like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, iTunes, MPORA, Vimeo, GrindTV, and many others that bring in an even larger audience to MXPTV.

At MXPTV, it is ALL about exposure! As an advertiser, there are plenty of benefits to help your own business, company, or race track grow!

How Do I Advertise On MXPTV?

At MXPTV, we make it as easy as possible to get you the best exposure out there. MXPTV gives you lots of opportunities to grow and also, gives you control of your advertising plans at MXPTV! MXPTV is not just about slapping your logo/banner on the site. We got the extra mile for every advertiser to benefit as much as possible form MXPTV. Below are some of the general options for advertising on MXPTV!

MXPTV Race Coverage

Got a big race coming up that needs to have the best coverage possible? MXPTV is the place to go with our show format that includes interviews with the racers, racing highlights throughout the day (or weekend), and a big plug for your track! Even hype it up weeks in advance to let you know MXPTV will be there and see your entry numbers increase! MXPTV knows how to provide the best race coverage in the Northeast area. Period.

MXPTV Dealer Tour Videos

Ever wanted a walk thru of your entire dealership and shown on MXPTV or even your own dealer website? Well, MXPTV provides this fascinating service for every dealer out there. A MXPTV Dealer Tour video can not only show off the looks of your dealership and what you have to offer, but it will also draw a special connection with the viewer to your dealership to entice any viewer to check out your shop. MXPTV wants to help you out and generate revenue without emptying your wallet. Our service is extremely affordable and potentially profitable!

MXPTV Track Profile Videos

Are you a motocross track owner who wants to draw a new and fresh audience to your facility? MXPTV Track Profile videos are the way to go. MXPTV takes a look at everything you have to offer from parking to other amenities and of course, your track. With helmet cam services available, your track will get the publicity it needs and attract racers and riders alike from not just the Northeast but around the country and maybe the world! This service is extremely affordable and is proven to draw riders to your track! You can also use your Track Profile video for your own web site!

MXPTV Products Videos

Got a new, exciting product you want to get out there more to the public? A MXPTV Products video is the best direction to go! With in-depth details about the product(s) to the testing of the product(s), make your product stand out above the rest! And since it's affordable, this will be a great way to profit from a MXPTV Products video! You can use the video for your own web site, too!

MXPTV Video Sponsor

Want to get your business/company logo on a future MXPTV video? It's time to get the exposure you need and MXPTV's videos attract over 90% of the traffic that comes to our site. Included are links to your site, banner on that video page, and logo in the video! Get your name on a future MXPTV video/show today!

MXPTV Live Updates Blog Feature Sponsor

MXPTV Live Updates is a new blog feature that was started in December 2008 and is updated by MXPTV's Matt Wozney every day. This is the Northeast's first ever daily updated motocross blog covering the entire Northeast region. This is where MXPTV places its 1st updates before going out everywhere else! Check out the blog link above and be part of this growing blog trend!

Banner Advertising

Over 6 kinds of banner placements are waiting for your company logo! Take advantage of MXPTV's super low banner advertising prices today by emailing us at for a rate sheet and more information!

If you want to get your banner online right away, it is extremely easy to do. Shoot Matt an email at to get your price list. All you need is a banner and your set! After you have purchased your spot on MXPTV, you can upload your banner directly on our AdPeeps service, which sets up the ad on the site and also generates statistics of your banner you can check in real time, any time, or simply email it over to MXPTV! Before you reserve your spot, shoot Matt an email to to get your price list!

Be part of the Northeast's #1 motocross news website from the region! It's all at MXPTV!